Zeebrugge - 'Cooking is an art'

Tijdok - Marianne Pauwaert

Zeebrugge_Anne_Duk_Hee_JordanThe large volcanic stone by artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan is held up by a Zeebrugge fishing net suspended between two buoys. Fishing nets and buoys are the natural habitat of the Zeebrugge chef Marianne Pauwaert.

"Both my great-grandfathers, my grandfather and my father were fishermen and ship owners, I have never known anything else. As children, my brother and I already went along on the boat to catch shrimp. Our soul is in fishing. We known the world of fishers through and through,” says Marianne.

Marianne works only with fish supplied by Flemish fishers. Tijdok is known among other things for its daily fresh, hand-peeled shrimp. Whatever is on the menu of Tijdok follows the rhythm of the fishing industry.


During a Beaufort walk, you can sit down at lunch or suppertime to taste the delicacies of the North Sea. You can opt for a variety of three-course meals:

  • Seasonal menu at € 35 
  • Market menu at € 39
  • Fish menu at € 45


More info and reservations: www.tijdok.be