Performance Panic Fear Of Standing Still / Theatre by the Sea

In coproduction with Beaufort 2018, this summer Theater aan Zee (Theatre by the Sea) presents the performance Panic Fear Of Standing Still by Kasper Vandenberghe. On the beach of Ostend, the artist creates a new artwork over a period of five hours. The performance takes place on 25, 27 and 29 July 2018 in Oostende. There, on 29 July, the audience is invited to take part in the meditative walk.

The perfomance will take place on July 25, 27 and 29 in Ostend. The audience is invited to participate on July 29. Tickets:

August 8 the performance will take place on the beach of Koksijde, August 10 in Nieuwpoort

Panic Fear of Standing Still

Ostend: beach zone at Zeedijk 290-330 (Vayamundo/Ravelingen)

  • Wednesday July 25, 17h30 until 22h
  • Friday July 27, 10h until 14h30
  • Sunday July 29, 11h until 15h30 (+ participation by the audience, tickets via

Koksijde: beach zone (in close proximity to the clock on the promenade) 

  • Wednesday August 8, 16h30 until 21h

Nieuwpoort: beach zone at Meeuwenlaan

  • Friday August 10, 16h30 until 21h


Kasper Vandenberghe

Four dancers come out of four different directions and start walking, first forming and then following a pattern in the sand. The repetition of their movements offers trance, offering them calmth to develop insights. Meditatively deepening their path into the sand, at the same time they are delving their own graves. In the meantime, the ticking of the clock and the heedless impact of the environment on the traces point to the central element of decay and impermanence. Almost with desperation, man tries to immortalize the present moment. In vain, because he ignores forces greater than him. Change is unstoppable.  

A preview of the indoor version of Panic Fear of Standing Still was shown at BOZAR as a homage to Michelangelo Pistoletto. At this moment MOVEDBYMATTER is in the process of creating the outdoor version, which will premiere at the beach of Oostende at Theater aan Zee 2018 (TAZ 2018).


Performers: Emilie Camacho, Coralie Meinguet, Annabel Reid en Alexandra Pholien
Concept/director: Kasper Vandenberghe

With support from KAAP and BOZAR.



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