Performance Panic Fear Of Standing Still / Theater aan Zee

In coproduction with Beaufort 2018, this summer Theater aan Zee presents the performance Panic Fear Of Standing Still by MOVEDBYMATTER / Kasper Vandenberghe. On the beach of Ostend, the artist creates a new artwork over a period of five hours. The performance takes place on 25, 27 and 29 July 2018 in Oostende. There, on 29 July, the audience is invited to take part in the meditative walk (tickets are sold out).

Watch the video stream of the performance here.

Kasper Vandenberghe’s project can also be seen on 8 August in Koksijde and 10 August in Nieuwpoort.

Moved By Matter

The performance lasts 4.30 am, it is possible to follow only one chapter (1 to 4) or to participate without obligation.

Chapter 1 (start time):                       *** Our goddes is the moon - The waxing ***

Chapter 2 (start time + 1h):                         *** The Esbat - Healing work ***

Chapter 3 (start time  + 2h30):                        *** Panic – The Waning ***

Chapter 4 (start time + 3h30):                            *** The 4th paradise ***


Oostende: beach at Zeedijk 290-330 (Vayamundo/Ravelingen)

  • Wednesday 25/07/2018, 17.30 - 22h
  • Friday 27/07/2018, 10 - 14.30h
  • Sunday 29/07/2018, 11 - 15.30h (+ participating moment, tickets sold out)

Koksijde : beach at the clock on the promenade

  • Wednesday 08/08/2018, 16.30 - 21h

Nieuwpoort: beach at Meeuwenlaan

  • Friday 10/08/2018, 16.30 - 21h

Movedbymatter   Kasper Vandenberghe


by MOVEDBYMATTER / Kasper Vandenberghe

Four dancers draw a circle of footprints. They revolve around an untrodden center, an unexplored emptiness, like the four points of a compass. It never seems to come to a mutual meeting. In an ever more complex pattern, the four women reveal their ritual for the moon.

'With this performance I investigate the meaning of stagnation in a society that seems to be constantly in motion. Is standing still a premonition of death? Is movement therefore automatically synonymous with life? Where and to what does that movement lead? Who or what determines our movement, our life course? When do we deliberately choose an exit and when do we follow the trodden path of our predecessors? How strong is the individual, how compelling is the system, how decisive is the society in which a person participates? '

During the past decade, director Kasper Vandenberghe (35) was mainly on stage as a performer at Troubleyn / Jan Fabre. Vandenberghe could be seen in the two major re-enactments 'The Power of Theatrical Madness' and ’This Is Theater As Expected And Foreseen' and more recently in the twenty-four-hour performance 'Mount Olympus'. With his own brand new company MOVEDBYMATTER, Vandenberghe is now expressing his qualities as a maker for the first time.


Performers: Emilie Camacho, Coralie Meinguet, Annabel Reid and Alexandra Pholien
Concept / regie: Kasper Vandenberghe

With support from KAAP and BOZAR.



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