A signal bell mounted with a view of the sea on the campus of Zeepreventorium. This bell is designed to communicate with boats and is to be rung only by the children of the preventorium.


Signal BellOver the past twenty years, Jason Dodge has been producing sculptures and exhibitions that speak to absence, distance, haptic and visual perception. His work is often compared to poetry, and like much poetry, it demands the reader or viewer to be present and to look into themselves as conduits of meaning. By reading a poem or a sculpture, something new is made. Dodge says: “It is not ‘what’ something means that is important, it is ‘how’ something means.” His work is not meant to be deciphered, but rather is a machine for deciphering.

For his contribution to Beaufort, Dodge has installed a signal bell on the campus of the ‘Zeepreventorium’, which houses 200 children with chronic illnesses. A signal bell is used to communicate between ships and between sea and shore. In Dodge’s case, the bell is mounted with a view of the sea for only the children to ring, in order to communicate with passing ships. While the bell is installed at the ‘Zeepreventorium’ and rung by the children who live there, the other citizens of De Haan will hear their neighbours ringing the bell.

The work is placed on private domain and intended to be listened to from a distance. Please do not enter the domain of the Zeepreventorium.



Jason Dodge 

°1969 United StatesJason Dodge
Jason Dodge has recently had solo exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Bremerhaven, Bremerhaven, Germany (2017), Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin, Germany (2017, duo exhibition with Paul Thek) and the Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne, France (2016). He participated in group exhibitions including Stories of Almost Everyone, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, United States (2018), A Rock That Keeps Tigers Away, Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany (2017), the 9th Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, United Kingdom (2016), No One and One Hundred Thousand, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria (2016) and The Blue Distance, Aspen Museum of Art, Aspen, United States (2015).


Beach zone behind the Zeepreventorium, De Haan
Please note that this work is placed on private domain and intended to be listened to from a distance. Please do not enter the domain of the Zeepreventorium.

  • Tram stop: De Haan Preventorium
  • Cycling node: 6 
  • Walking node: 54

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