Route 9

Route 9 - In search of opposites in Zeebrugge (26 km)

If you like contrasts, you will be mad about this bike route. The delightful village of Lissewege and its centuries-old abbey grange (barn) alternate with a ballet of steel tankers at the harbour, a charming garden city and … a Russian submarine.

  • Start: at intersection 5
  • Intersections: 5-45-99-66-90-35-85-46-9-38-36-33-30-88-40-5


Not to be missed!
Beaufort 2018 Artworks
  1. Some Beaufort artworks are more accessible than others. Rotor crowns them all. This designers’ collective has installed a pop-up beach bar at Zeedijk 15 (between intersections 36 and 33).
  2. The grassy square at the Seafront (Vismijnstraat 7, between intersections 36 and 33) has been taken over by the romantic creations of Anne Duk Hee Jordan.


Still more to discover!

Lissewege (intersection 5)

It is not for nothing that Lissewege is known as one of the country’s loveliest villages. A picturesque vista where houses have been painted white since time immemorial. Add the quiet mini-canal known as the ‘Lisseweegs Vaartje’, and the idyll is complete. Why not make a halt here, to visit the imposing 13th-century Church of Our Lady and climb its tower? Afterwards, you can reward yourself with some sweets from De Soete Paepe, the authentic candy store that offers no fewer than 60 varieties of old-fashioned candy.

Ter Doest Abbey (between intersections 59 and 45)

The Ter Doest Abbey was founded in 1106 by the French Benedictines of Saint-Riquier in Pothieu. 70 years later, the Cistercians took over the abbey, and so Ter Doest became a daughter house of the powerful Dunes Abbey in Koksijde. The 13th-century abbey grange (barn) can still be admired today. After your visit, sit on the terrace for a delicious meal or why not spend the night?

Heist lighthouse (between intersections 38 and 36)

This imposing lighthouse is 34 metres tall and was the first concrete construction on the Coast in the beginning of the 20th century. A fine example in pure Art Nouveau style that was recently fully renovated and restored.

Admiraal Keyesplein (between intersections 36 and 33)

A square that is so charming that it seems to be straight out of a film. A fine example of the garden city concept, or a reminder of the quest for new architecture during the age of reconstruction. Full of nostalgia!

Seafront (between intersections 36 and 33)

Here you can discover the world of the sea, shipping and fishing. Be sure to visit the Russian submarine as well. This is in fact your last chance to do so, as after more than 2 years, the museum will be saying goodbye to its showpiece this year. Not to be missed!

Visserskruis (between intersections 36 and 33)

From the viewing platform at the Fishers’ Cross, the monument for fishers lost at sea, you have a front-row seat from which the watch the steel tanker ballet in the harbour below. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the constant and impressive spectacle of loading and unloading without getting tired in the process.

Evoluzione Silenziose (between intersections 36 and 33)

At the Isabellalaan, near the old fish market, rises Evoluzione Silenziose (‘silent evolution’), a work by the contemporary artist Mario Molinari. It rises as an intriguing concrete construction 24 metres in height and comprising a blue and orange obelisk with four coloured discs at the bottom. Impossible to miss it!


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