Route 7

Route 7 - De Haan-Wenduine, pedalling through the Concessie (40.7 km)

This route takes you through the ‘Concessie’ and climbs up to the Spioenkop. For both art-lovers and fervent cyclists, in other words. At the top, the ultimate reward awaits: an endless view of the sea.

  • Start: at intersection 6
  • Intersections: 6-56-96-12-98-28-20-22-95-15-2-83-16-31-6


Not to be missed!
Beaufort 2018 Artworks
  1. Between intersections 6 and 56, turn briefly off your route to visit the Zeepreventorium, at Koninklijke Baan 5, where you can enjoy the latest Beaufort addition, a work by Jason Dodge.
  2. A bit further on, between intersections 31 and 6 (turn off the route towards the Sea front) you will discover another Beaufort newcomer. On the platform at the Sea front (Prinses Josephinelaan), the new artwork by Xu Zhen, one of the most radical conceptual artists in China, deserves careful attention.


Still more to discover!

Tram station (intersection 6)

This unique, listed tram station dating from 1902 is a perfect example of the Belle Epoque architecture that adorns our Coast, and especially De Haan. This is one of the most picturesque buildings on the entire Coast. Time for a selfie!

The ‘Concessie’ (intersection 6)

This listed Belle Epoque villa district is an oasis of peace. The charming villas, green alleyways and challenging inclines make this heritage neighbourhood a spot where you can linger for hours and never run out of things to see.

Klemskerke and Vlissegem (between intersections 12 and 98)

Take a break in these old polder villages, where time seems to have stood still. A church, a handful of houses and here and there a welcome sidewalk café where you can catch your breath.

Wrakhoutbrug (just past intersection 16, a bit further along towards Blankenberge)

The bridge over the Koninklijke Baan in the Harendijke district is quite striking. It was built out of 100 cubic metres of tropical hardwood and contains around 30 tonnes of profile steel. A giant artwork that guarantees pedestrians and cyclists safe passage to and from the beach.

Spioenkop (between intersections 16 and 31)

On the second-highest dune on the Coast stands the charming pavilion known as the Spioenkop (‘spy head’). The white building with its red roof offers an unobstructed view of an artwork that is continually changing: a sweeping panorama across the beach, sea and dunes. If you turn around, you can enjoy the lovely view of the hinterland.


In the neighbourhood: Graffiti walls with Spioenkopje (between intersections 16 and 31)
After last year’s arts project known as Spioenkop Unlimited, you can still find the occasional façade in Wenduine with street art. Colourful souvenirs!


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