Route 6

Route 6 - Nostalgia and contemporary art in and around Bredene (28,3 km)

During your bike tour, take the time to marvel at the lovely décor through which you are cycling. Along the way, you will pass by fun shops such as 'Uitdaging' (Challenge) and fishing nostalgia in the fishers’ chapel.

  • Start: at intersection 92
  • Intersections: 92-5-96-56-92-8-99-39-67-95-26-12-98-78-6-56


Not to be missed!
Beaufort 2018 Artworks
  1. Katja Novitskova: The Paelsteenveld (park) next to the Staf Versluys Centre - Kapelstraat 76, Bredene + Beach zone post 6 - entry to the Koninklijke Baan (royal road) at the Koerslaan, Bredene. Between intersections 56 and 92.
  2. Frederik Van Simaey: Ebbestraat roundabout (near the WZC) - Ebbestraat, Bredene. At intersection 5.


Still more to discover!

Turkeyenhof Heemkundig Museum (between intersections 92 and 5)

In this old farm, you can go back through the history of Bredene and its environs. Gallo-Roman finds and old tools are exhibited by way of illustration. You can also admire an extensive collection of North Sea shells.

Fishers’ chapel (past intersection 56)

On the corner of the Kapelstraat and the de Klemskerkestraat stands the pilgrimage site known as ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Ter-Duinen’ (Our Lady of the Dunes), where fishing families would go to pray for a safe journey. The chapel is full of ex votos offered in thanks to the saints and of models of body parts for which people had prayed for healing. Next to the Fishers’ chapel are a Maria grotto and 16 tiny oratories.

Staf Versluys Meeting and Event Centre (between intersections 56 and 92)

In the auditorium you can regularly take in a film or performance by theatre companies.


In the neighbourhood: De Uitdaging (‘the Challenge’, also between intersections 56 and 92).
The artwork, referred to popularly as Naked Betsy, is the work of Irénée Duriez and stands on the Duinenplein. This monumental work is hard to miss.

Fort Napoleon (between intersections 92 and 8)

A lovely renovated dune fort on the Eastern shore in Oostende, built in the time of Napoleon’s occupation. Today it houses a museum, a bistro and a restaurant and you can regularly take in exhibition as well.

Ibisjongen artwork (a little past intersection 95, turn off the route)

A bronze statue that represents a young boy leaning on a flat knot. The statue was unveiled in 2006 on the occasion of the centenary of the Koninklijk Werk Ibis, a boarding school founded by King Albert I for orphans from fishing families.

De Haan Tram station (intersection 6)

The listed tram station and villa district north of the tram line are fine examples of the Anglo-Norman structural elements that is so typical of the Belle Epoque architecture on our Coast.


Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.