Route 5

Route 5 - Oostende, modern art with royal allure (34 km)

The city on the sea naturally offers a bike route that will fulfil your every wish. Spotting street art, getting on a boat, bike and all, strolling in the arcades and having a coffee at the Thermae Palace Hotel …. In short, discovering glory of both the past and the present.

  • Start: at intersection 85
  • Intersections: 85-74-45-8-99-10-4-15-97-46-17-16-75-80-52-57-74-45-85


Not to be missed!
Beaufort 2018 Artworks
  1. Take a brief detour to the Western Breakwater, located on the Zeeheldenplein between intersections 74 and 45, and continue on with a view of the Beaufort artwork by Stief DeSmet.
  2. The neighbourhood between intersections 74 and 45, a little way off your route, allows you to enjoy a bit of green and some art in the Leopoldpark. Here you can see the artwork that Guillaume Bijl created for Beaufort 2018.
  3. At De Grote Post, take a little detour between intersections 74 and 45 to marvel at the colourful Beaufort creation by Basim Magdy.


Still more to discover!

Crystal Ship

Street art in Oostende! Throughout the city, you can gaze in admiration at gigantic wall paintings and artistic touches permanently displayed for your pleasure. Still more good arts news: in 2018, the third edition of The Crystal Ship will be held in the city.

Mercator (between intersections 85 and 45)

This renowned three-master sailing ship was designed by the polar explorer Adrien de Gerlache. In 1936, the ship brought home the earthly remains of Father Damian. Since1961, it is an official museum ship. It was recently fully renovated.

Ferry boat (intersection 45)

You can treat yourself to a free boat ride in with this ferry. You will sail in style to the Eastern shore, Roger Raveel is the artist who designed the three boats their look.

Fort Napoleon (a little past intersection 8)

This wonderfully renovated dune fort was built during the Napoleonic era and still stands guard on the Eastern shore. Today, it is home to a museum, a bistro, and a restaurant and mounts regular exhibitions. So park your bike for a while.

Lighthouse (intersection 8)

‘Lange Nelle’, the name fondly given to this lighthouse, is the fourth beacon in the history of zo Ostend and the third at this location. The lighthouse is 66 metres high, counts 324 steps in all and has since 1949 been guiding fisherfolk safely to the harbour. It is fully automated.

Raversyde Provincial Domain (intersection 75)

Along the sea, in the partially protected dune area, lies this 50-hectare provincial domain. In Raversyde you can combine nature with culture and history. The top attraction by far is the Atlantic wall – guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Be sure to visit the archaeological site as well as the ANNO 1465 museum, and take a walk in the Nature park in order to see all that the domain has to offer.

Coastal histories (a little past intersection 80)

Would you like to absorb the atmosphere of yesteryear? Then stop off at this listed former post office, now transformed into an interactive museum. The entire history of coastal tourism is set out tidily here, complete with giant bathing suits.

Thermae Palace (intersection 74)

Get a taste of regal grandeur, easily done. Park your bike for a while and step into the Thermae Palace Hotel and order a coffee in the Brasserie Albert. Anyone keen on more can simply book a room.

Arcades (intersection 74)

The Venetian and the Royal arcades, separated from each other by the ‘Drie Gapers’ (Three Yawners), are yet another royal souvenir and the best spot for a stroll, sheltered from the bright sun or pouring rain. Just as the ladies and gentlemen of the past enjoyed doing.


Kursaal Casino (between intersections 74 and 45)

The Casino is a lovely example of modernist architecture, magnificent in its simplicity. Built in 1950, it has been a listed monument since 1998. On the programme is a varied range of exhibition and performances.


Dancing Waves (also between intersections 74 and 45)
On the sea front, you can’t miss the ‘Dansende Golven’ (Dancing Waves) by Patrick Steen. Two dancing figures, whose limbs turn into waves. A nod to the sea, right near the sea.

Beausite (between intersections 74 and 45)

Beausite is not merely an art gallery. While looking at a few works in this listed Art Deco property, you will enjoy the view of the sea and a tasty snack. Enjoying art in the best possible circumstances.

Rock Strangers (between intersections 74 and 45)

Here’s one from the Beaufort collection! With brightly coloured Rock Strangers, Arne Quinze allows odd objects to turn up in places where you least expect it. And that has an effect on the surroundings.

Tailor-made for artlovers!

Artlovers can extend their route with a few museum visits. Leave the route for a bit and park your bike conveniently in front of the door of Mu.ZEE and the James Ensor house.


Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.