Route 2

Route 2 - Koksijde, from a simple fishing spot to artistic beach cabins (37 km)

Of course this loop visits Navigo, the National Fisheries Museum, but have you ever been to Museos, the natural history museum? Further along your cycling programme: Paul Delvaux, a cloned horseback fisherman, the Dunes Abbey, a council chamber on steel poles and many charming rural views.

  • Start: at intersection 76, corner of Koninklijke Baan and Pannelaan
  • Intersections: 76-74-88-96-24-66-98-6-20-19-69-75-68-86-62-65-59-76


Not to be missed!
Beaufort 2018 Artworks
  1. Past intersection 65, get to know the striking new work by Ryan Gander on the Gemeenteplein in Koksijde! A new scion of Beaufort!
  2. Some more Beaufort art, this time by Iman Issa, can be admired in Galerie Welnis, at the Tourist Office in Oostduinkerke-Bad, Astridplein 6, Oostduinkerke, between intersections 88 and 96.
Still more to discover!

Paul Delvaux Museum (intersection 59)

This museum is located in an old fishing cottage, the former holiday home belonging to Paul Delvaux, which has been extended underground. No daylight enters, which ensures the right atmosphere in which to preserve and admire the works of Delvaux. Step into an astonishing world.

Cabin Art - 19 May to 9 September 2018 (a little beyond intersection 76, on the Sint-Idesbald sea front)

Take a peek at this unique open-air exhibition. No fewer than 30 artists did their artistic thing with a beach cabin, resulting in 30 very distinctive examples. The theme this year is the Dunes Abbey and the sea.

Acqua Scivolo (between intersections 76 and 74, crossroads of the Koninginnelaan and the Prins Blanchardlaan, Ster der Zee)

From the Beaufort collection! The French artist couple Anne and Patrick Poirier is fascinated by the past, ruins and historical and archaeological sites. In 2003, they drew inspiration from the church of the Dunes Abbey, or what’s left of it. They translated the church’s floor plan into a monumental steel construction, rising vertically with the sea as its background.

Museos (between intersections 86 and 62)

Have you ever had a sperm whale hanging above your head? Or have you seen an elephant running on tiptoes? Any idea what a Siamese calf with two heads looks like? Did you know that the skeleton of a mouse has more bones than that of a sperm whale? The three floors of Museos plunge you into a world full of natural history objects that, as works of art in their own right, each have a story to tell. Kidproof, in other words!

Black Widows (between intersections 88 and 96)

On the Astridplein in Oostduinkerke-Bad you will find Black Widows, the statue by the internationally renowned sculptor Cotman Kenny. He based himself on an image from a 4000-year-old Chinese engraving. You might have guessed it from examining the hairstyle of the two seated figures.

Cloned Paardenvisser (between intersections 88 and 96)

Still more art! On the beach at Oostduinkerke stands the imposing bronze statue of the Cloned Horseback shrimp fisher by the Oostduinkerke artist William Sweetlove. Just as robust as its living counterparts.

Navigo - National Fisheries Museum (intersection 66)

Get to know the Flemish fisher families, heroic members of the teams of fishers that used to plough the Icelandic coast, as well as the horseback shrimp fishers typical of the Flemish coast, al at the NAVIGO National Fisheries Museum. The rich collection combines heritage with art, craft, and the wonderful nature of the North Sea. You can see the ‘Visscherskoppen’ (fishermen’s heads) by Stephan Vanfleteren and take in other exhibitions.

Two pictures for the price of one (between intersections 76 and 74, at the G. Grardplein

Here you can see both a statue of George Grard himself and The Flute Player, a work made by Grard in honour of Francine van Mieghem. And yes, the square itself is named for the Belgian sculptor. A triple ode, if you will.

De Poort (intersection 65)

On the roundabout, visitors to Koksijde are greeted by ‘The Gate’, a work of the architectural firm Buro voor Vrije Ruimte, in collaboration with Yves De Smet.

The Town Hall (past intersection 65)

The Koksijde town hall not only houses a wide range of artworks, but the building itself, with its immense glass structure, seems like a work of art. In the middle, the council chamber glistens as an enormous ellipsoid volume on large steel legs. Nip in for a look!

Dunes Abbey Museum (at intersection 59, a slight detour from the route)

In the Middle Ages, the Dunes Abbey dominated the Koksijde landscape. Nowadays, you can still wander along the old walls and admire the unique collectors’ items, dug up on site by archaeologists. You will learn more about the abbey’s history and the role of the Cistercian monks in the region. Virtual reality glasses will take you back to 1490, a memorable experience!

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