Route 1

Route 1 - De Panne, a dive into history (37,8 km)

This particularly varied bike path takes you through the picturesque town of Veurne and centuries-old dunes, via some nostalgic trams, the charming Dumont district and the Paul Delvaux Museum, to end up in 1490 for coffee with the Cistercian monks of the Dunes Abbey. Three Beaufort pearls that make for a perfect visit.

  • Start: at intersection 1, the corner of Stationsstraat and Dorpsstraat in Adinkerke
  • Intersections: 1-84-9-83-10-12-85-34-21-71-39-50-76-59-84-1


Not to be missed!
Beaufort 2018 Artworks
  1. At the beach in De Panne, at the height of the Canadezenplein (intersection 76), take time to get a good look at the work of Harald Thys and Jos de Gruyter for Beaufort 2018.
  2. In Adinkerke, you will see other lovely Beaufort works - here you will have a chance to see an artwork by Stief DeSmet (exact location to follow).
Still more to discover!

Artwork ‘Zomervakantie 1898’ (intersection 1)

This design by Goetinck and Berghman for the roundabout, titled ‘summer holiday 1898’, consists of three parts. The first is a fountain surrounded by bits of stone rubble; secondly, on it is a life-sized bronze figurative sculpture group or family; and lastly a replica of a landsailer. Or a warm welcome to every visitor to De Panne!

Veurne (intersection 9)

Naturally, you must take a little break in Veurne, a town that is so lovely that it is almost an artwork in itself. Beautiful façades, an exciting history and a fine market square where time stands still. So, a good place for a stopover!

Cabour domain (intersection 71)

Feel like a taste of nature? Good news: these 5000-year-old dunes are the oldest natural features on our Coast. The Cabour dunes owe their name to Charles Cabour, a knight from Dunkerque who once owned them.

TTO North Sea (between intersections 50 and 76 with a detour by bike to the Loskaai)

In this former bus depot in De Panne belonging to De Lijn, you can admire tram cars of the past century. Even better, there are regular opportunities to board an authentic tram from the 1930s or ‘50s.

Boundaries of Infinity - Norbert Francis Attard (between intersections 50 and 76, at De Panne town hall)

This souvenir of Beaufort is based on the Fibonacci numbers and the perfect shapes of the Golden Section. Each element of the Fibonacci sequence is always the sum of the two preceding numbers, beginning with 0 and 1. The concrete water garden symbolizes the infinity of nature and the majesty of the sea.

The Dumont district (between intersections 50 and 76, with a brief diversion from the route)

The Dumont district is a lovely specimen of architecture with typical 19th-century cottages. A place where you can climb up and down, and where you will inevitably get lost in admiration. While you are exploring, you will run into the Albert Dumont Monument. He is the one who was behind the foundation of De Panne, and this elegant residential neighbourhood is his legacy.

Paul Delvaux Museum (between intersections 76 and 59)

Would you like to admire top works by the great master on the spot where he created them, the place that served as his inspiration? Then be sure to visit the Paul Delvaux Museum. The former fishing cottage belonging to Paul Delvaux was renovated to house a museum, and offers a chance to enter his poetic world.

Abbey Museum of the Dunes (just before intersection 59; to visit, turn off the route for while)

In the Middle Ages, the Dunes Abbey dominated the landscape of Koksijde. Today you can still wander through the ancient walls and admire the unique collection of objects excavated on site by archaeologists. You will learn more about the history of the abbey and the role played by the monks in the area!


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