Nieuwpoort - 'Cooking is an art'

MBistro - Mattias Maertens


Nina Beier’s statues of horsemen disappear and reappear in the sea depending on the tides.

As regards the combination of cooking and art, the starred chef Mattias Maertens of MBistro in Nieuwpoort says this:

“Art and gastronomy are often compared. The plates are just like paintings, people would say. But there is not complete agreement on this, I think. For me, the craft and technique you need to master before there can be any result is the true comparison. Only when you have acquired the trade of painter, sculptor or cook, when your hands do what your head thinks, when you see what you feel, that is when art and gastronomy come together. And when someone experiences that, he may well call that Art.”


Ronny PaesbruggheMenu


For Beaufort 2018, MBistro presents a market menu for € 29 (excluding drinks) that changes with the tides.



As part of Beaufort 2018, the garden of MBistro hosts bronze horse sculptures by the artist Ronny Paesbrugghe from Polinkhove.


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