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La Guera - Glenn Vandenberghe

Beach Castle

The artist Jean-François Fourtou decided to work with beach cabins, the most typical architectural features on the Belgian coast. Chef Glenn Vandenberghe will do likewise, and incorporate products that are typical of the coast into a 2- or 3-course menu.


La Guera offers 2 special dishes during Beaufort (starter and main course) at € 32. The starter is ‘Shrimp structures’, typical of the coast and specially developed into a fine harmony. The main course varies according to the season, but always with a clear link to the Coast. After the main course, you can choose a dessert at € 6: rice pudding with farm produce from the hinterland of the Coast, in combination with a real ‘babelutte’, the original classic from Heist.


Chef Glenn Vandenberghe has, with La Guera, created an artistic-minded restaurant with a contemporary decor and a few Moroccan touches, in homage to his father. The restaurant features a number of artistic elements that date back to 1914. The original of the renowned 'Heyst-sur-Mer, perle les plages' hangs next to the entrance. Further on in the restaurant, you will also find works by the young artist Hannes D’Haese.

La Guera  La Guera  La Guera

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