Earth Potential

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Earth Potential (E. Coli) 2017
Earth Potential (Lizard, Earth) 2017
Earth Potential (C.Elegans, Saturn's Moon Titan) 2017

Katja Novitskova

Task "micro-macro"

You can take picture of something very close up or from really far away. This gives you two very different photos. Take a picture of something in your surroundings. Zoom in as close as possible on one part of your photo. Have the others guess what it is you photographed.

In Peru, you can see the Nazca lines (foto bijvoegen?): enormous drawings of animals that you can see only if you fly high up above planet Earth. Time to give Bredene its own such artwork! In the sand, draw an XL version of a very small animal. Maybe a pilot flying past you will notice your drawing!



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