Villa De Torre

De Haan - 'Cooking is an art'

Eternity - PoseidonVilla de Torre / Bleu Chaud / B&B Hoeve Welgelegen 
De Haan

The artist Xu Zhen, in his Eternity - Poseidon, seeks to link the Eastern and Western worlds.



Villa De Torre_Bleu ChaudFor Villa De Torre, this has served as the impetus to create dishes in which Chinese flavours are combined with local ingredients. Lifting the corner of the veil, Villa De Torre mentions that pigeons and fish will of course be in included. For B&B Hoeve Welgelegen, Villa De Torre works with baker Stefan Vandaele from Sint-Andries to design a Beaufort/Poseidon breakfast bread roll, which comprises not only local organic grains but nori as well.

The barman at Villa De Torre makes a Poseidon cocktail.



Villa De Torre, le restaurant Bleu Chaud et le B&B Hoeve Welgelegen organiseront un concours de dessin et de coloriage pour les enfants, qui pourront laisser libre cours à leur créativité autour de l’œuvre Poseidon.