Clothing line Beaufort 2018

Beaufort in collaboration with VLIZ launches sustainable clothing for a good (sea) cause

Beaufort has come out with its own collection. If you buy one of the products in the line, you will be supporting the sea. The profit will go entirely to the philanthropic work of the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). This allows them to finance coastal, sea and ocean research worldwide. For, as their motto puts it, ‘More knowledge leads to better insights for a sustainable future’. This way you can continue to enjoy the sea.

Beaufort 2018 and the changing relationship between human beings and nature

In Beaufort 2018, we would like to focus specifically on the problem of climate change. And it is precisely on the coast that our vulnerability in this area is all the more tangible.

Often our clothing contains polyester, without our even realising it. Every time we wash our clothes, minuscule flecks of plastics are released. They drain away with the waste water into the water purification station. And … there at least a portion of these microplastics literally slips through the labyrinth of the network and ends up in the seas and oceans. Now we are all well aware of the impact that the presence of large quantities of plastic and thus also of microplastics has on sea life. Therefore we have deliberately opted for products made of 100% organic cotton.

The Beaufort collection

Sweater (unisex), price: 40 EUR                    T-shirt (model man or woman), price: 20 EUR                      T-shirt (children), price: 15 EUR

Sweater BeaufortT-shirt BeaufortT-shirt dames   T-shirt kids

carrier bag, price: 5 EUR

Draagtas Beaufort

Would you like to do your bit for a more sustainable management of seas and oceans?

buy a sweater, T-shirt or carrier bag

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