Can We Go Home Now, 2018


Can We Go Home NowThe artwork of Frederik Van Simaey has neither beginning nor end, but goes endlessly round and round. Van Simaey remembers that his parents used to do an extra turn at roundabouts to make the children happy, leading him to think that roundabouts existed solely for that purpose. Van Simaey’s work is a dysfunctional traffic circle, an almost surrealistic installation. The cheerful scene that took place at these roundabouts are now just a vague memory.

It could be a scene from a post-apocalyptic era. The seats have been removed, implying that the time spent together took place in a setting that is no more. The work is also a symbol of a moment of impasse. By extension, it may be the impasse in which western civilization now finds itself. Politicians and scientists are assiduously searching for new global models that could make the world safer and fight today’s climate change. Without new models, humanity lacks a goal and there is only an endless, autonomous rotation, the fully automated operation based on old patterns in the emptiness of an already perfect world and a static roundabout. In the absence of such models, there will be no new era, but only one more rotation. As if the future were drawn in sand so that the sea might wash it away.




Frederik Van Simaey 

°1979 Kortrijk, BelgiumFrederik Van Simaey
Frederik Van Simaey has recently had solo exhibitions at De Garage, Mechelen (2017, duo exhibition with Manor Grunewald), The Stable, Waregem (2015) and at FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Dunkerque, France (2015). He participated in group exhibitions including PLAY City Triennial of Kortrijk, Kortrijk (2018), Les objets domestiquent, FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Dunkerque, France (2017) and Meditations on a Hobby Horse, CIAP, Hasselt (2015).


Ebbestraat roundabout, between Vloedstraat and Ebbestraat, Bredene

  • Tram stop: Bredene Aan Zee
  • Cycling node: 5 
  • Walking node: 59 and 60 

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