Book a tasting session of edible invasive alien species

RotorEach month during Beaufort 2018, you can visit the space that Rotor created for tasking sessions of invasive exotic species. During this unique experience, each of your senses will be tantalized.

You will be tasting a menu made up of edible invasive exotic species (including the Chinese Mitten Crab, eriocheir sinensis), as well as quality local products. The chef will be cooking for an exclusive group of 20 people. He or she will prepare the dish in the midst of the guests and will also provide an expert presentation on invasive exotic species. The sessions take place in a temporary pavilion on the beach at Zeebrugge.  


Dates and participating chefs: Rotor



  • Saturday 18/8, 6 and 8 pm - Bruno Timperman (Bistro Bruut, Brugge)- FULL
  • Thursday 13/9,  8 pm - Felice Miluzzi (Rossi, Leuven) - FULL
  • Saturday dag 15/9, 6 pm and 8 pm - Pieter Lonneville (Tête pressée, Brugge) - FULL at 8 pm

Praktical info:
Price of the menu is 109 euro pp (including drinks) and consists of:

  • 2 appetizers
  • starter
  • main course
  • dessert

Shifts: at 18.00 and 20.00

Locatie: URB SEA - beachzone at Zeedijk 25 B (Lifeguard station), 8380 Zeebrugge, Belgium


RotorOnly online, you can make reservations below

After you register, we will check our availability and you will receive a definitive confirmation by email. This may take about 3 days.  In that email, we will probide you with an account number and a reference. We would ask that you then make the payment immediately. If the pament has not been received within 7 days, your reservation will be released.

The reservation must be made for an even number of people (multiples of 2).


Would you like to take part in this unique experience?

Book now, there's only room for 20 dinners per session!





Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.