By bike

The Coast is a superb destination for cycling. A bike ride with a view of the sea restores people’s health to top form. And what’s more, the beach is never very far away, with many lovely spots to take a break. From De Panne to Knokke-Heist. For the young and not so young alike. Every coastal town has its own wonderful treasures

All the top works of Beaufort 2018 can easily be visited via the bike network. For each work, we indicate the nearest bike path intersection. Would you like to pedal along other artistic spots on the sea? Then you are in luck, because we have mapped out 10 artistic loops on the bike network just for you. Do you want to cycle further than just along the seaside? Then why not explore all the circular bike routes along the Coast that will allow you to enjoy all the fine spots this region has in store for you. Enjoy your ride!



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